An Ever Evolving Role at an Ever Evolving Company

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When Ideba was founded in 2010, we had three service offerings: qualitative VOC research, design/copywriting, and marketing consulting. In years one through eight, our services evolved… adding quantitative research, CSAT, Win/loss, analytics, GTM, strategy and planning, sales enablement, and more.

And in the last 2-3 years, our services have expanded yet further at a faster pace, leveraging a talented team cross-trained in many areas, that is agile enough to meet changing client needs. Interestingly, services have evolved in-line with our three lines of business: We’ve added branding and rebranding work in the Creative area, with clients like Greenway Health, Kaufman Hall, and most recently OnBoard. In the research area, we’ve added deep primary research in support of emerging technologies, and expanded win/loss research efforts across our client base, based on increased demand. And in the consulting area, we added premier service (white glove) training, in support of a client base that is increasingly challenged by their customers to raise service standards, enhance support and improve communication.

One of my responsibilities as President is to keep a finger on the pulse of client needs, and it will be interesting to see how we extend services yet further as a direct result. We’re currently talking with clients on how to leverage client service training methodologies to help integrate employees back into the workplace post-COVID, and to others about customer advocacy strategies, and better leveraging customer advisory boards. It will be interesting to see how other services evolve over time.

As for my role, it’s constantly evolving too, with no better example than managing through a pandemic, and de-risking the business, while driving increased work/life balance for employees. I’m really proud of the team, and our ongoing ability to be measured not by revenues generated, but by the difference we make in the world, and the culture that exists within Ideba.

I’d love to hear how your business has evolved over time based on market needs, and if you have any ideas of how we might evolve our services yet further. Feel free to drop me a line at

-David Sly, President