Improve Service, Improve the Bottom Line

After Ideba’s White Glove Service Training; the CSAT scores of a major tech services provider rose from 5.6 to 9.1

The leap from ordinary and extraordinary customer service can make all the difference. Service excellence differentiates you in the marketplace and turns mere customers into long-term clients and advocates.

With tenured five-star customer service experience, Ideba helps you elevate your service levels to the extraordinary. Bypassing one size fits all, we survey customers and work with stakeholders to identify service strengths and areas in need of improvement. We examine your objectives and outcome expectations to create a training program exclusive to your organization’s needs—one that captures areas for training, development, and process refinement. Once stakeholders are satisfied that the program aligns with your company goals, we present the virtual or in-person training to your staff.

Depending upon your needs, we also offer post-training support, which includes on-site observation to monitor execution of service standards, delivering real-time feedback virtually or in-person, and providing management training sessions to help empower leaders to support and uphold the newly defined standards of service.

As services grow in importance, so must quality of service. The bottom line depends on it.


  • Work with stakeholders to determine needs and objectives
  • Create training program customized to your unique needs
  • Deliver virtual or in-person training
  • Provides on-site, post-training assessment with real-time feedback

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