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Planning Chart for Financial Project

It’s Time for Product Roadmap 2.0

Ideba provides win/loss, CSAT, and voice of the customer research for clients. Additionally, our creative group is tapped to refine organizations’ product roadmap. This provides an opportunity to examine the nexus between customer needs,…
time to evaluate

Lack of an Agenda

As we continue to operate in a mostly virtual work environment, Zoom calls are still alive and well. As a matter of fact, I’d argue that we have far too many Zoom calls. If everyone was back in physical offices, there wouldn’t possibly…
chart on board

Using Research to Set Goals for 2022

As the new year approaches, we are all likely reflecting on the past two years and beginning to set goals for 2022. Personal goals, professional goals, and business goals for the year ahead. Personal goals and professional goals come from within.…
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An Ever Evolving Role at an Ever Evolving Company

When Ideba was founded in 2010, we had three service offerings: qualitative VOC research, design/copywriting, and marketing consulting. In years one through eight, our services evolved… adding quantitative research, CSAT, Win/loss, analytics,…
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Planning like “Normal”

There are a lot of “normal life” things missing from our new, socially distant, reality. Like many introverts, I don’t miss everything about the pre-COVID era (like crowded grocery stores and social gatherings I felt obligated to…