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The Basics of Integrated Marketing

Want to know the difference between branding and marketing? Branding is about making people feel something while marketing is about making people do something. Branding is the activation of your brand strategy. It connects emotionally with…
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Research, Consulting, and Crocheting

My aunt recently taught me how to crochet, and I love it! As a research analyst and coordinator, I’ve learned the many ways that crocheting relates to my profession and helps me continue to provide quality work. I thought this blog would…
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Are you making a BIG mistake in times of economic uncertainty?

During uncertain economic times, it’s easy to cut Marketing budgets, prioritizing new customer acquisition over what you invest in current customers – the most important people in your world. If you nurture and serve your current customers…
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It’s Time for Product Roadmap 2.0

Ideba provides win/loss, CSAT, and voice of the customer research for clients. Additionally, our creative group is tapped to refine organizations’ product roadmap. This provides an opportunity to examine the nexus between customer needs,…
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Returning to In-Person Conferences

I had the chance to visit the RSA Security Conference yesterday at the Moscone center in San Francisco. Yes, it has been a while. But everyone there was returning with enthusiasm. The booth designs were brimming with energy and ideas. The hosts…