Using Research to Set Goals for 2022

chart on board

As the new year approaches, we are all likely reflecting on the past two years and beginning to set goals for 2022. Personal goals, professional goals, and business goals for the year ahead. Personal goals and professional goals come from within. Truly looking deeply at yourself and identifying tangible goals that are attainable. Business goals, however, should not be set in isolation. These goals should be set alongside feedback from customer and employees. Learning what those groups need and want will allow you to better plan for the future, specifically for the upcoming year.

As a company that spends a lot of time in “research-land”, it’s important to us that our clients understand what their customers are saying. Making decisions in the best interest of your customers will always win the day. The beauty of ongoing research initiatives is that you constantly have a finger on the pulse of your business and can make real time decisions as a result.

For example, one of our clients has been trying to decide whether they are ready to host a fully live customer conference, as they did pre-pandemic. They used their existing CSAT program with us to add a question for their customers to share their sentiment around their desire for an in-person or virtual event in 2022. Along with that, they also conducted an employee survey to glean insights around whether or not their employees felt comfortable traveling for an in-person event in 2022. The data they pulled from both research initiatives allowed them to make an informed decision.

We have another client who has been struggling with the messaging they want to use to position their solutions. As with most companies, there isn’t always alignment internally, which makes it difficult to make decisions such as messaging and positioning. Using research methodologies, we helped this client learn what their clients and prospects really need/want and helped them tailor their messaging to meet those needs.

Clients/customers want to know you are listening to them and acting according to their feedback. By initiating ongoing research programs, you show the commitment you have to your clients/customers, and the data allows you to make informed decisions. Layer that with collecting feedback from your team members and you can make smart decisions, knowing you’ve considered your audience.

Want to learn more about research initiatives we can help you with? Send me a note at jennaw@idebamarketing.com, or message me on LinkedIn.

Happy holidays, and happy goal setting!

-Jenna Whelan, VP of Consulting and Research Services