Why Training Can Be a Competitive Differentiator for You

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When you think about training, it should be a “must have” for all organizations. But to what extent does training become a competitive differentiator? Basic technical training is what I would consider critical. Equally, service training is just as essential. You can’t have one without the other. Many companies provide eLearning modules for both and call it a day. You’ve ticked the training box, so you now have the expertise and service skills to effectively start your job, right? Therein lies the opportunity to up-level and differentiate in the process.

How do customers decide between similar offerings?

Why does a prospect choose your company over the next, who offers a similar product with similar functionality at a similar cost? I worked for a luxury hotel brand for a decade. This specific hotel brand offers rooms that are clean with a comfortable bed, has food and beverage outlets available, a relaxing spa, and a pretty pool to enjoy. So do quite a few other luxury hotel brands in the exact same area, literally steps from one another with the same amenities. What is it about this specific hotel brand that drives guests to it, and has people willing to pay quite a bit more than the other hotel brands are charging? One word… service.

People are willing to pay more to a company that provides consistently exceptional service. They are loyal to brands that genuinely care, anticipate their needs, go the extra mile. Those are beyond the “soft-skills” of being able to communicate effectively, pay attention to details, problem solve. Not only will they pay more, but they will also tell everyone they know about the company, which will likely result in new business. That’s why service training is so important. And I don’t mean basic service training. I mean bespoke training that is specific to your brand, your culture, and most importantly, your clients.

Service training is an investment

Service training cannot be a ‘one and done’. You have to invest time and money and make it part of your company culture. It starts from the top. And everyone has to buy into it. That’s how you drive consistency. Without everyone marching to the same beat, it’s ineffective.

Do you have the resources that can provide effective service training focused specifically on your clients and their expectations? That’s where we come in. We have provided service training for companies in several different industries. Most specifically, we have provided bespoke training for global leaders in eDiscovery, Exec Recruitment, Real Estate, Financial Services, Law, and we continue to provide service training to companies in other areas as well.

So how are you differentiating from your competition?

If you want to learn more about how we can help you do so as a brand through training, send me a note at jennaw@idebamarketing.com. I’d love to hear from you!

-Jenna Whelan, VP of Consulting and Research Services