Ultimate Training Film: The Walking Dead

The anti-maskers are scary people.  I have friends and relatives in the medical field and one thing is true: it’s completely wrong to believe that masks don’t matter. The fact that there’s a 75% reduction of transmitting or absorbing microbes by wearing one says it all. Contrary to inaccurate, delusional rhetoric, they do make a huge difference.

As the anti-maskers are clearly suicidal people that have no problem with inflicting death upon others, I need to protect myself from them. I call this menacing horde that is out to murder me “the walking dead.”

This is a reference to the TV show The Walking Dead.  Admittedly, I haven’t watched every single episode.  But I’ve watched a lot of them.  One thing is for sure: The Walking Dead is the ultimate Covid-19 era training resource.

I now practice what I’ve learned from that show every time I need to go out. I put on my mask, keep far away from people – my standard is 2 to 3 times the social distancing norm of 6 feet – and watch out for the zombies.  Every time I see a person ambling along without a mask, I veer the other direction as if they are infected like the zombies of the show.

It’s a very comforting set of skills to have honed. I’m now able to feel confident about going out into the public where those pesky anti-mask murderers still exist. I know the tricks to avoid being infected by the zombies so I’m able to lead a version of a “normal life” that’s less stressful…just like in those quiet, gregarious moments of the show.

So, if you haven’t seen TWD yet, it’s time to power-binge the series. About 10 to 20 episodes should have you well trained. Then you’ll be armed against the evil horde of anti-maskers like me and get through life a bit easier.

We’d like to hear your thoughts about protecting yourself from interpersonal Covid-19 threats (or about The Walking Dead), so share a comment.

– Mark Salow, Sr. Consultant