Fun Things to do During Covid-19

Interesting to learn this weekend, about the return of the drive-through theater – the perfect solution for going to the movies in the age of social-distancing. But if you don’t live close to one of the 300+ drive-through movie theaters across North America, here are some other ideas, all of which come from friends, family, and co-workers actively engaged in at least one of these activities:

  1. Neighborhood movie night. Rent a screen, and set it up on your street, with neighbors having the option to watch from their cars, or from chairs set up on the sidewalk outside their homes.
  2. Lego with your children. An annual Thanksgiving tradition for my son and I, Lego is back! Great way to spend quality 1:1 time, with a new set or one pulled from the bottom of your closet. Suspect my friend and co-worker @James Rice has already nailed a few with his children
  3. Learn a craft or hobby, like learning to play a musical instrument from YouTube videos. Have another friend who has learned to play the guitar, learning from YouTube videos. Think that’s awesome, but then I haven’t heard her play yet! ?
  4. Train for a marathon – pick a different park or trail to run each weekend, as a means of experiencing new places – and set yourself a goal to run a marathon or half-marathon in years to come.
  5. Learn a new language. Expanding on my friend and co-worker @Jenna Whelan’s Blog post last week re planning your next vacation… why not learn a new language using Rosetta Stone (available completely online-based with 24 languages from which to choose. Duolingo is also online and is a free service).
  6. Make the most of virtual tours – museums, National Parks and universities all offer virtual tours. You can also “visit” iconic places like the Great Wall of China, the Great Sphinx of Egypt or Niagara Falls from the comfort of your living room. A friend’s daughter is currently “touring” universities in lieu of in-person visits… ahead of the application process later this year. Creative way to keep the process moving forward
  7. Arts and crafts. Create a piece of art with family, friends or loved ones, with whom you’re quarantining.
  8. Or if you’re looking for a little R&R at the end of the week, set up your own “spa day” – manicure, pedicure and a long, hot bath. Good way to unwind and relieve some of the stress and anxiety caused by the pandemic.

If you have any other ideas for activities you and your friends/family have been doing during Covid-19, drop me a line at

– David Sly, President