When asked to describe Ideba in one word, I chose the word “dedicated” for two-fold reasons.

Dedicated to our clients

I have worked at Ideba for almost eight years and have never once experienced our leadership team, advisory board, nor any other staff member put their own needs before a client’s. We don’t just accommodate our clients based on their expressed needs, but we actively work to put ourselves in their shoes. A few simple examples of this would be the way we always coordinate and schedule meetings using our clients’ time zones and not our own; we meet clients in-person where they work to understand office and company culture; and, biggest of all, we do everything in our power to avoid saying (my least favorite word in the English language) the word “No”.

Dedicated to our team

The only other group of people whom Ideba team members are as committed to on a professional level as our clients would be each other. Our team encourages open communication resulting in knowledge transfer, innovation, and synergy. Loyalty to help each other succeed in this fast-paced, high-pressure environment runs deep at the company. Our dedication to each other is made apparent every day through consistent responsiveness, shifting schedules around to make time for each other, and challenging each other to do better.

It’s hard for me to pin-point exactly where the strong sense of responsibility to those we work with stems from. These values are not outright taught upon joining the company. Likely, it is a result of hiring innately thoughtful individuals who are naturally driven to succeed as a team.

What do you think about my one word to describe Ideba? Feel free to leave a comment via LinkedIn and let us know.

Lee Sumner, Sr. Research Manager