As part of our Customer Satisfaction, Voice of the Customer and Win/Loss research we almost always ask our interviewees to describe organizations in one word. Recently our team was asked to flip the magnifying glass around and describe Ideba in one word. In the next coming weeks, you will see blogs from each team member describing what word they chose and why.

While it is a challenging task, it also thoughtful and insightful process to come up with one word to describe a whole organization. The word I chose was Informed. I chose this informed because I feel that it not only describes us internally as a team but also the value we bring to our clients.

Informed and collaborative team

As a team that works remotely, communication, collaboration and comradery is extremely important. When I first started working at Ideba I found the team to be a well-oiled machine when it came to communication and ensuring everyone was in the loop. Ideba’s team has created a culture where we aren’t just employees, we are a team. And in any team, we make sure everyone is informed, on the same page, and willing to help out their teammates in any way they can. In addition to this, our team gets together each quarter to conduct quarterly business reviews. This is always a great opportunity to inform the team of other projects, where we are going strategically as a company, and how we are getting there. I appreciate the transparency of these meetings and it’s always nice to reconnect face-to-face with the team.

Insight to support client Decision Making

Through customer research and analysis we help our clients make sense of the data and further understand their customers to help them make more informed decisions. Our day-to-day processes on the research and consulting side consists of conducting interviews as a third-party, integrating and analyzing data, and presenting findings to our clients to convey key messages along with actionable insights that our clients can have confidence in and move forward with. According the Harvard Business Review, “A company’s value is just the sum of the decisions it makes and executes.” By providing key analysis and information to our clients along with actionable insights, our clients can make more informed decisions for the greater success of their organizations. It has always been our priority to help our client succeed and we strive to do so through informed decision making.

What is one word you would describe about Ideba? Leave a comment and stay tuned for more of these posts from our team members.


Jocelyn van der Geest, Research Analyst