Evaluating Hoopla

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Creating a competitive marketing advantage is not easy. It’s hard for a CMO to evaluate the marketing hoopla, innovative new technologies and disruptive marketing chatter that saturate the industry today. Navigating the complexity of expanding marketing tactics, understanding how to get the best from your marketing spend is paramount. Ideba helps businesses develop actionable strategies that can increase brand equity and customer value through customer centricity and integrated strategic marketing.

The number of outlets, platforms and systems available have all been dramatically increasing, but the ability to consume and make sense of the volume and complexity of available information is not. We offer an independent voice for businesses both large and small to make smarter decisions.

We specialize in assisting clients with new technology and market research decisions by offering a unique approach to strategy development that is complementary to marketing objectives. Our approach enables our clients to prioritize objectives, select new technology, and select market research vendors all while maintaining transparency on both cost and performance.

Getting the best from your marketing spend: It’s hard to find the best marketing tactics and how to get the most customers and ROI through your marketing budget. We understand that the world of marketing technologies, platforms, channels and new marketing trends are overwhelming.  We provide strategy & innovation for smarter marketing decisions: Our unique approach empowers marketers to prioritize objectives and to incorporate the latest technologies in a way that is complementary to your overall marketing strategy. We specialize in assisting clients in leveraging market research while being completely transparent on costs.

How do we do it? Our team of analysts, designers and writers are experienced in operations management and sales and marketing. We will work alongside your team to identify opportunities through extensive research. We then go a step further and support this data with case studies and insights into how brands stood out in their customer segment. Finally, we create engaging content that gets the message across effectively: whether it’s telling an engaging story in words, producing an infographic or video, or bringing your message to life digitally.

The most efficient way to maximize marketing is with an approach that unifies strategy development with market research selection. Clarify your objectives, identify the optimal vendors and technologies, gain key insights based on business impact and performance metrics, and speed implementation.

Want to learn more about what we do, and how we can help you? Send me a note at james@idebamarketing.com.

-James Rice, Digital Experience