Push to Innovate

SpaceX launch

Expanding on the ongoing Ideba blog theme: what are you most excited to see in 2021? I have to say I look forward to outcomes and experiences related to technological industries and use of that technology being put into overdrive.

We just saw two major leaps in space exploration take place when Amazon and Virgin founders both felt comfortable enough to blast themselves to the edge of space so they could see our beautiful world’s outer atmosphere and feel weightlessness for a few moments.

Back here on earth, I am learning through research that COVID-19 has pushed everyday professionals outside of their comfort zone with virtual meetings, use of filesharing applications, and increased automation all becoming the new normal.

Can’t say I have a crystal ball to tell me where this is all headed, but I’m ready to enjoy an acceleration of our technical revolution pushing deeper into uncharted territory.

-Lee Sumner, Research Director