Thinking of just one word to encapsulate Ideba is hard. I’m writing this post directly after being asked once again, “What is it you do exactly?” When people ask me what it is I do for work, I almost wish I was an accountant (almost). It’s difficult to describe what it is Ideba does on a daily basis because every day and what every team member does is different. But because tasks can be different from one day to the next and everyone has different specialties, something I think is paramount to the team’s success is collaboration. 

Collaboration is one of few constants I can count on seeing every day. Because the projects and tasks change regularly, we find ourselves working with different team members to accomplish them. Your ability to collaborate is tested when you work with a variety of coworkers, as the dynamic always shifts a little bit from person to person. But what compounds the challenge for us is working remotely. While we often work together, we are almost never working together in the same room. Despite the added difficulty, collaboration is still what comes to mind first when I think about Ideba.

We also collaborate with our clients. I’m sure most would agree that the most valuable work is created when partnerships are formed, and the client’s business is understood on a deeper level. If clients are keen to collaborate and really share what it is they’re hoping to get out of the engagement, how they want to apply the end product, and how it contributes towards a strategic goal, what can be produced can be of a much higher quality and value to the client in the end.

While ‘collaborative’ is my one word for Ideba, it’s been very interesting reading the variety of words my colleagues have come up with. Which one has been your favorite?

Perri Read, Junior Consultant