A Changing Family Dynamic – wise words from two great bosses

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The best piece of business advice I ever received was from @Andersbrown, a former Microsoft employee, and one of the founders at a former employer, Akona Systems. A super smart, highly engaging guy, from whom I learned a tremendous amount.

His advice was simple: “Running your own business will always be a blend of excitement and fear… and on the days that the excitement exceeds the fear, that’s success”. I think about those words daily, along with a constant focus on faith, family and finances.

Another former boss @PhilReilly (aka “Uncle Phil”) at CMD once shared another great insight: “Every time your hire a new employee whether your 10 employees or 110 employees, you should be thoughtful, and always consider near and long-term implications. It was through that lens that we’ve just hired @Samuel Knapp, a Private Client Banker from @JPMorgan Chase as a new Research Manager. Like any new employee, I hope Sam can help raise the bar for the team and our clients; and that he gets an opportunity to grow professionally in the process.

And when it comes to what excites me most about the balance of 2021… it’s about enhancing our unique team dynamic, continuing to give back in a meaningful way, delivering great work for clients, and bringing it all together at our next QBR in September, in Sarasota, Florida – thanks for hosting @JennaWhelan! It will be so good to see the team again in-person, and I am sure we’ll all appreciate some quality 1:1 time, as well as some group laughs. Given our shared sense of purpose, I’m sure we’ll have some great conversation about giving back too.

And on a personal level, it’s nice to be experiencing more of the excitement this year, versus the fear last year while managing a business during COVID.

I’d love to hear what you’re looking forward to most for the balance of 2021, and beyond. Drop me a line at davids@idebamarketing.com

Thank you.

-David Sly, President