Promoting Customer Success with Videos

video interview

Ideba’s creative team loves to help our clients share their offerings in creative and engaging ways. Instead of telling potential customers how you can help them, let your past customers share what they gained by using your products or services.  A great way to do this is with video. We help you accomplish this with two different types of videos: customer testimonials and customer case studies. The key is that both of these types are based on Ideba’s research and are customer centric. Each type of video is suited to different situations and different client goals.

Customer testimonial videos

These videos focus on the experience of our client’s end customer and are usually best suited for business-to-consumer models. Consumers tell their personal story and the value they have found in the product or service in a real and relatable way. For a recent example check out the video we did for RS Medical (scroll down just a bit on the home page for the Giles video) or go directly to the video on Vimeo here.

Customer case study video

This type of video is best for a business-to-business type of product/service. The customer tells the story of where they were at, the challenges they were facing, and how they were able to overcome the challenges and move forward. Research data is used to support the transformation story and provide metrics to validate it. View a case study video we did for Microsoft about Saudi Airlines and the accompanying infographic.

The Ideba difference
There are any number of companies that produce these types of videos, but Ideba’s approach is different in three important ways:

  1. A researcher conducts the interview

Many other companies use someone from the creative team to conduct the interview. By using a researcher, we are able to draw out important insights and perspectives that are often missed by others. The interviewee gets the white glove treatment and is a part of the process the entire time. We make sure that the customer is telling their story in their own words.

  1. We repurpose the data and information for additional marketing materials

The finished video tells the story in a succinct way and utilizes a small part of the entire interview. We leverage all the information gained during the interview to create additional marketing materials that support and expand on the video.

  1. Our ability to get data from interviews

Customers can tell between a research-based case study and a marketing study with no data points to support it. Research statistics provide increased credibility and validate the transformation narrative. Our researchers are able to drill down during interviews and draw out this data.

Final thoughts

Ideba is a customer centric company for both research and creative services. It means that every decision we make is focused how to best reach a client’s end customer. Customer testimonial and case study videos can be compelling ways to connect with your customers.

If you are looking for an authentic and engaging way to connect with new customers, then contact us. We’d love to help you capture stories of satisfied customers and share those success stories with future customers.

—Aaron Baldwin, Senior Designer