Things That Make You Say “Wow!”

As a market researcher, I am thrilled when trends and dynamics emerge after interviewing people. You know you’re beginning to uncover objective findings when the same feedback – good, bad or indifferent – is cited repeatedly by unrelated parties.

While watching the video linked here, I was touched on a deep level by universal reactions solicited when unsuspecting people were intercepted on the street and asked if they wanted to see a telescopic view of the moon. As participants flippantly approach to peek, their expressions transform to awe.

The video is edited in such a way that it pulls participants’ reactions together. Person after person of every demographic vocalize the same exclamations: “Oh my god!” “No way!” “What!?” “I’ve never seen this before!”

It got me thinking about products and services that have come to market and solicited that same reaction.

Google Earth was a piece of technology that I’ll always remember using and saying “Wow!” Another example would be the first time I put on a pair of glasses, or ate at a restaurant with superb customer service and cuisine.

After watching, it became so clear to me that these are the allusive experiences customers will always pay a premium for. Our goal as providers is to coerce our customers into vocalizing their wonderment.

Arthur C. Clarke famously said, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” I think this video makes his point because with the use of a telescope, one of the most common objects in the world instills universal amazement.

What products or services have you experienced that made you say “Wow!”? Share your story with us on LinkedIn or Twitter.

–Lee Sumner, Sr. Research Manager