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Money CAN Buy Happiness

I often hear the phrase, “money can’t buy happiness.” Generally, people who disagree with this statement are likely to define or base their happiness on the quantity/qualities of their material possessions. As someone who dreams of one…
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If You Want People To Do Something, Make It Easy

It’s been said that if you want people to do something, make it easy. Which is fabulous advice and an effective truth that I try to leverage from day to day. In economic terms, some companies have turned to tracking and creating metrics…
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It’s Time for Product Roadmap 2.0

Ideba provides win/loss, CSAT, and voice of the customer research for clients. Additionally, our creative group is tapped to refine organizations’ product roadmap. This provides an opportunity to examine the nexus between customer needs,…
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Finding a Career Amidst Your Interests

Tucked in a dusty corner next to a rarely used pair of offices, there exists a collection of magic portals to different worlds. Outsiders looking in may see a dark room filled with colorful lights after-hours. They may see a collection of chairs…
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What is Quiet Quitting?

A friend/co-worker recently introduced me to the term “quiet quitting”. If you haven’t heard of it, it basically means that you dial back your day-to-day work responsibilities and shift from a high performing capacity to one that does…
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Know What Your Customers Expect from Your Solutions — and Your Company

Judging from the customer satisfaction score (CSAT) and voice of the customer (VOC) research Ideba regularly conducts, customer expectations seem to be funneling into two main categories. The categories define what customers expect from the…
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Quantitative Meets Qualitative

Transitioning from scientific research into a world of business and market-related qualitative research was a very defining and enlightening step in my career. Given many opportunities to learn by example from my experienced colleagues, there…
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Scholarships for Students in Uganda

Since the day I started working with Ideba, I’ve been fascinated by our ability and the ways in which we give back. Uganda has always been a special place, and we’ve done a lot to support people there including a local school, students…
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A Life of Science to a Life of Business

It was a sunny day on May 4th when I walked across the stage during my college graduation. Receiving my degrees, one in neuroscience and the other in psychology, meant that the next door in my career was finally open. My hopes were high to…