The best deal benefits all

top view of business colleagues shaking hands

Out of curiosity, I’ve started asking people in my life to share the best advice they have ever received from someone else. They are always extremely powerful ideas that I find useful mulling over when I have time to sit and think. Here is mine…

In grade school I had a relative and role model who worked at the executive-level in sales and business development. When discussing the business of selling, he made an impromptu point that the best deals in business benefit all parties involved. Going on to imply that if a deal is good for the business and not the client, it’s no good at all – the opposite holding true too.

It really laid a foundation for me to understand early that business transactions don’t need to advantage one party at the expense of another. Not just because that mentality is short-sighted and leads to unhealthy business relationships down the road, but also it leaves out all the fabulous benefits that have occurred through synergistic cooperation, and mutual gain.

It feels rudimentary to me as an adult, but also sometimes still surprises me when I’m confronted by a person or company who feel otherwise. It reminds me to take a wider and more respectful perspective before getting involved financially with another entity.

I’m curious to know the best advice you, the reader, have received from someone. Do you feel it stands the test of time? Please let me know what jumps to mind by sharing this post, commenting, and tagging me on LinkedIn.

Lee Sumner – Research Director