Scholarships for Students in Uganda

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Since the day I started working with Ideba, I’ve been fascinated by our ability and the ways in which we give back. Uganda has always been a special place, and we’ve done a lot to support people there including a local school, students and their families. The things that we take for granted (like access to drinking water) are luxuries for them. This is why we partner with PODA to support sustainable projects in Uganda. Aside from our current fundraising efforts to buy a new truck (donate here), we have just announced the creation of three scholarship programs for students graduating Mpondwe Secondary School in Bwera, Uganda.

  • The Quinn Jackson Business & Finance Scholarship – two students, studying Finance and Business in two-year programs
    • The first student for this scholarship has been identified, and he wants to pursue a career as an accountant upon graduation
    • Quinn was a Research Intern at Ideba this past Summer, and donated his entire earnings to fund the scholarship
  • The Nick Arrojo Scholarship – one student who wants to pursue secondary studies in a hairdressing program at a local college
    • Two-year program
    • This scholarship is sponsored by award-winning stylist Nick Arrojo
  • The Hank Fuchs Scholarship – two students, studying auto repair and maintenance at a local technical institute for two years
    • One male and one female student have been identified and will be commencing their studies upon graduating Mpondwe
    • This Scholarship is named in honor of my grandfather, who co-owed an auto repair shop with my dad for many years (and got him into the business). He was all about helping others and providing opportunities to learn, especially for the youth. He believed in making the world a better place to grow up in. I am beyond honored that Ideba is supporting this scholarship and honoring the memory of my grandfather, who would be so proud to have his name associated with this very worthy cause.

I’m excited to see these scholarships evolve and develop over time, allowing opportunities for those that might not otherwise have the chance to learn and grow. Stay tuned for updates on these programs and send me a note at if you’d like to learn more about them.

-Jenna Whelan, VP of Consulting and Research Services