As you’ve probably been reading, everyone at Ideba has been posting a blog of the one word that represents Ideba, from their point of view. When I was asked to come up with my one word, “supportive” immediately came to mind. This for me was two-fold.

Supporting each other

Having the support of my team makes my job so much easier. We are a small, yet very agile team with completely diverse skillsets. We all bring different qualities and capabilities to the table, which allows us to execute some pretty awesome deliverables. Having the support from my team means that we can work together and brainstorm ideas, and I never walk away feeling like my voice wasn’t heard. It also means that I can take time off and not have to worry because I know that my team will do whatever it takes to cover for me. Being supportive means that we have each other’s back. We win together and we lose together. We help each other. We encourage each other. We care for each other.

Supporting our clients

One of the greatest things about the team at Ideba is that we can likely handle any request, no matter how big or small, regardless of turnaround time and whether or not we’ve done it before. We support our clients in a way that we can handle anything they could possibly need. We’ve helped plan large events, delivered brownies as part of a demand generation campaign, acted as “secret shoppers” to find service improvements, and so much more – on top of the core capabilities that we have. When our client has a need, whether expressed or unexpressed, we find a solution and offer the resources to help support it.  

I truly feel that the support at Ideba is beyond what I’ve seen in other work environments. I’ve never heard someone say that their ideas aren’t heard, or that they have to work loads of hours where other people don’t. We act as one team all the time. We’ve been in situations where the research team has been slammed and without a thought, the creative team has jumped in to help. That’s true support for us as a team, and also for our clients. As Michael Jordan said, “talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships”.

How is your company supportive of each other and your clients? Send me a note at

– Jenna Whelan, Vice President, Consulting & Research Services