Do You Believe?

teamwork in the sun

OK, that’s a question we often think of during the Holiday season, and many of us think back to early childhood years, when Santa was very real.

In the last few weeks, I’ve reflected the importance of “belief” for a whole different reason, that I’ll come back to in a moment…

We all go to work for the same fundamental reason… “reward and recognition”. What it means to each of us is different.

During the interview process at Ideba we often ask potential employees what it means to them, so that we can better tailor benefits to their needs, and to help best understand the cultural fit, given that our culture defines us in many ways as a company. We want to understand motivators, and satisfaction drivers, as when everyone on the team is aligned and passionate about what they do, and how they do it… it ultimately leads to happier employees, happier clients, and a more successful business environment. You believe in what you’re doing, and why.

Since the outbreak of war in Ukraine, I have been amazed at how the Ukrainian people have battled, and scrapped – and how they are holding up, and ultimately winning out against a Russian army that is greater in number and firepower. The biggest difference between the two forces is belief. The Ukrainians know what they are fighting for, and they believe in their country, in their leaders, and in freedom for their nation.

Looking back at my career, the best places to work have always been where there is a common sense of purpose, and a belief in what we were doing. And during this time of transition and significant employee turnover, I can’t help but wonder what companies battling employee turnover are doing to create that sense of purpose… that common belief in what they are doing, and why. Clue – if your business is all about money, and returning equity to shareholders, that likely isn’t going to drive a cultural environment where people want to stay, and where they believe in what they are doing…unless you work on Wall Street.

At Ideba, I believe our culture of giving, focus on quality work and great service, and delivering measurable business outcomes to our clients gives us all a common sense of purpose, and belief that unites us as a team. Without a doubt, this is the best group of professionals I have ever worked with, and I feel honored to work with this team every day.

I believe.

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– David Sly, President