Raising the Bar and Giving Thanks at the Ideba Annual Business Review

Borne as a remote team 12 years ago, we’ve always appreciated business reviews, for quality facetime, and to collaborate on new initiatives. Having weathered COVID as well as any firm, avoiding disruption to business operations, we’re proud to have recently added three new team members to the @ideba research family: @mylenekerschner, @christinalavin and @leahmcquillan – all of whom have brought fresh ideas, and fresh perspectives, to help refocus the business and raise the bar in the best interest of our clients – across research and consulting engagements.

As well as our regular quarterly review of research, consulting, and creative work, we discussed how to improve quality, enhance workflow efficiency, and integrate technology innovations into the business, to increase the value we can deliver to clients. It was fabulous to witness the “three amigos” work closely with established Ideba leaders and members of our advisory board; to think through essential areas of business such as compliance, database management, privacy, and security – while surfacing new ideas on how we can apply quantitative discipline and best practices to high-quality qualitative research. It was also great to listen as the creative team engaged, to discuss how they can help deliver yet more value to clients, considering information design, dashboard creation and presentation.

As a business founder and owner, it’s easy to lose sight of how far we’ve come in those 12 years – in terms of work quality, range of services offered, the incredible team we’ve assembled (thank you @jennawhelan @jamesrice and @leoncegaiter), and the value we deliver to clients consistently, quarter over quarter.

Finally – and in true Ideba tradition, it was amazing to see the team and guests come together to work on two service projects. While client satisfaction (95% in Q1) will help motivate us to raise the bar on work quality, our ultimate goal of lifting up those most in need fuels the work that we do every day, and so sharing plans for five different initiatives to give back in the next 12 months was a great way to close out the review.

Love our team and our clients. THANK YOU to those of you that partner with Ideba to move your business forward. We truly appreciate you; and look forward to sharing how some of the changes we’re implementing can be of benefit to you in the future.

And if you are interested in learning more about how we’re innovating, and how we’re planning to give back more in the next year, please send me a note @ davids@idebamarketing.com


-David Sly, President