Why an Apple Watch Was My Fave Gift This Year

smart watch

For me, Christmas has always been the season for giving… and I actually cannot recall many gifts I’ve ever received beyond my first bike and the Aveda Rosemary Mint products I received from my mother-in-law every year!

So this year, I was intrigued to receive an Apple Watch from Santa.

A runner and fitness enthusiast, I think the fitness app and tracking offered by the watch are the #1 feature, along with the ability to quickly check texts from loved ones, without interfering with the flow of back-to-back Zoom calls, that sometimes make it difficult to even grab lunch!

The watch now has me “trained” to exercise 2-3 times a day, from a run to walks; and to “stand” at least a dozen times a day more than would otherwise be the case. If you have An Apple Watch, you get it. And if you don’t have one, you should. This coming from a guy that’s always preferred PC’s over Macs and Microsoft products over Apple. It’s just a great product, even if it does compete with wearing an analog watch.

It will be interesting to see how Apple innovates around the watch in years to come, and I’m excited by the potential of this product. If you have an Apple watch, I’d love to hear what you like most about it, so I can learn more about other features and functionality. Please drop me a line at davids@idebamarketing.com

And best wishes for a great 2021.

– David Sly, President and Founder