Can’t beat a great partnership!

smiling on the phone

It is Thanksgiving week, but I promise I won’t talk turkey to you. On the radio, I’ve heard more and more people calling in to discuss the “unpopular opinion” of disliking turkey at Thanksgiving dinner, so I figured I’d play it safe and talk pizza with you!

This “Beat the Clock” special at Lettopalena’s, one of my hometown mom-and-pop pizza shops, is my favorite marketing gig lately. Here is why:

  1. Motivate customers and build relationships: Yes, your pizza might take an hour to prepare, BUT the experience is money! I’m eager to call in as soon as I can (it is a competition!), despite being put on hold, and I keep calling back. My family sees it as a game, and it is fun hanging out with other customers in the shop as we wait for our pizzas to be ready. We truly look forward to this.
  2. Remain transparent:  It is what it is, per the advertisement. Whether you order at 5 or 7:45 PM, the price is what it is. That is what I love and aspire to “beat” when it comes to pizza time! Having an open, honest (and more often than not personal) relationship with your clients is the key to happiness and great success on both sides. No need to hide anything – make the relationship mutually beneficial.
  3. Drive more business and gain loyalty:  I really appreciate this special because it keeps that shop staffed and super busy on Thursday nights. I’m indebted to them for their great food and deals for my family. They are truly doing something right and look forward to many orders ahead!

Here’s to our past, current, and future partners – we wish you the best this Thanksgiving and love the opportunity to partner with you in your endeavors. Please send me or our team a note when you have a chance as the holidays approach to keep in touch into the new year!

Leah McQuillan – Research Manager