Holiday Planning

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Holiday Planning

With the 2023 holidays just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about your wardrobe. Are you going to refresh your style for Family and Friendsgiving? Will you be sporting the coolest threads at upcoming Winter Holiday parties? Well, wait before you head to the mall and think for a moment!

If you work remotely like me, then you have extra consideration. Not only will you focus on bringing joy and festivities to your friends and family, but you’ll probably want to repurpose outfits throughout the new year – and priorities change when accounting for Zoom and Teams.

Firstly, consider comfort! Maybe you want to lean toward a looser fit and prioritize your favorite materials (I love hemp… in Los Angeles, it breathes and lasts far longer than cotton and linen).

What about last-minute preppers who just throw on a jacket 30 seconds before their meeting? Plan for this very need! I hear cardigans are the new blazers when it comes to Zoom casual. Seek outerwear that’s convenient and looks great over a t-shirt.

Collars, anyone? Pay attention to the patterns and remember that what may look stylish for a soiree could get distorted in front of the lens. I’ve been distracted by waving lines on screen in the past.

Think of the closet space and collapse your holiday attire and daily outfits into one. I hope this is a helpful blog post that brings a happy holiday spirit. I wish you a wonderful time and a fabulous Q4! Please offer more suggestions. Leave a comment on LinkedIn to share your thoughts and ideas on making the most of shopping this year.

Lee SumnerResearch Director