Three Things Guaranteed to Make You Smile

Eiffel tower at night

One month and two days ago, I left the USA for a two-month, summer long trip across Europe. When I left on June 24th, the only plans I had were my one way ticket to Scotland and to meet up with my family in Greece on July 18th. During those three weeks in between, I traveled alone to four different countries. I’d spend my days working and my evenings walking around the city until I found a spot in a park for a quick nap and dinner. As relaxing as this time was, I did find myself missing my friends and family back home, BUT if I could find one of these three things, there was a 99% chance I’d have a smile on my face…

  1. The sunrise: this by far has to be one of the most beautiful views nature can provide, regardless of where you. There is something so beautiful about the reds, pinks, and oranges that paint the sky before the sun breaks the horizon, and when it finally does, those first rays of sun so purely brighten the landscape they land on.
  2. Laughter from people around: laughter is truly infectious. Knowing that others around me have reasons to be joyful just reminds me to take a breath and find the beauty and joy in that present moment.
  3. “Breakdown” by Jack Johnson: everyone needs one song that will bring them back to an exact memory. Breakdown by Jack Johnson is it for me. It brings me back 15 years ago to singing and dancing to this during family car rides with my little sister.

Without fail, experiencing just one of these things would put me into an immediate mood of happiness… A view, a sound, and a memory have carried me through the smoothest of days and even the ones were nothing seemed to be working in my favor. Finding these simple moments of bliss doesn’t just have to be in crazy times, but can also be found on a day to day basis. They remind you to slow down and enjoy those often missed, small moments of positivity that happen every day.

So how about you? What are the three things guaranteed to put a smile on your face? Feel free to shoot me an email ( or message me on LinkedIn!

-Christina Lavin, Research Analyst