Work-Life-Pandemic Balance

While we may see an end in sight to the pandemic, remote working is here to stay. Many organizations are thinking about taking a “hybrid office” approach where some people are working in offices, while others stay at home. As our President, David Sly, discussed in his most recent blog post, our organization is focused on work-life balance as we enter another year of a strictly remote working lifestyle. With varying degrees of lockdowns and social distancing around the world, many people are struggling to separate work from their everyday life, let alone trying to discern what day it is as each one bleeds into the next. Remote working was already a polarized topic before the pandemic began – some people thrived with it, while others would say they wouldn’t be able to focus if they had to attempt it. I’ve always enjoyed it. And when it felt repetitive, going to the nearest cafes seemed to help for a change of scenery. However, adding COVID-19 regulations into the mix, and now cafes, bars or hanging with friends after work are still somewhat things of the past. People have had to find other ways to take a break, reconnect and enjoy their time off. It feels like there is sometimes nothing else to do, but work which can put a strain on your mental health. If you’re like me, you may be reaching the end of the Netflix shows and movies, so I realized I had to find an actual hobby to keep the work and mental health balance in check during this time. Recently, I’ve been going for walks, hikes, runs and getting outdoors and it’s become a daily routine to relax and reset. Now more than ever, I look forward to getting out for some fresh air and getting those steps in! Many other people have taken up hobbies like reading, baking, knitting, and at-home gym programs to enjoy and pass the time. How are you balancing your mental health during this time? Feel free to comment on our LinkedIn, we’d love to hear from you!

-Jocelyn van der Geest, Senior Research Analyst