Company Culture Matters

team with hands together

I often get asked what drives our culture, and it’s a combination of our three guiding principles, and six maxims; developed after being inspired by the Nike Maxims. These have all stood the test of time, in concert with our focus on giving back.

Guiding principles

  • Always do the right thing by others – treat people with respect, honor, trust, and dignity
    • Great work drives more great work
    • If you must decide in the best interest of Ideba or the client, always put the client first, even if we lose money – as long-term relationships matter more than making a quick buck


  • Being strategic is cool. Being objective is cooler
    • Measured by the success of our customers 
    • Make an emotional connection
    • Grow. Get out of your comfort zone
    • Relationships matter 
    • No one ever complained about great service 

These are all great, but they’re just words. For them to matter, we need to reflect on them often individually, and as a team – and we need to live and breathe them. Why?

If we stay true to these guiding principles, then everyone wins – employees, who feel a sense of purpose, who can feel proud of their work, and good about work/life balance; clients who benefit from great work, great service, and a positive impact on their bottom line; and the business with higher employee retention and continuity, and a stronger sense of team.

When the magic really happens for me is when the team and clients come together for the common good – whether its packing school supplies, rebuilding after natural disasters, or traveling to Uganda (yes, that’s happening with clients for the first time in July 2023), there’s no greater feeling than lifting up those less fortunate.

Bottom-line is that great company culture done right isn’t limited to the company itself. It can extend to employee’s families, neighborhoods, to clients, and to others – inspired to step up in their own way.

If you have any examples of principles/maxims, or great company culture, please drop me a line at:  

I’d love to hear from you.

David Sly, President