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Stop the Annoying Robocall

Robo, scam, and spam calls are on the rise and it doesn’t appear they will stop any time soon. According to statistics provided by YouMail, 3.4 billion robocalls were placed nationwide in April 2018. That is up significantly from just four months earlier when there were 2.8 billion robocalls placed nationwide. Prior to that there […]

Rebuilding in Lumberton

A new adventure I’ve said this in previous blog posts, but I’m going to say it again. One of the things I love about Ideba is the focus on giving back. We do that locally by helping support West Union Elementary with school supplies and coordinating a fundraiser. We also do that internationally by supporting […]

Maybe tech won’t save us after all

Of late, tech giants have been getting an unaccustomed amount of media scrutiny. In a timely coincidence, Franklin Foer, former editor of The Atlantic has written a book entitled, “World Without Mind: The Existential Threat of Big Tech.” From reviews and interviews with the author, it’s thesis seems provocative to say the least. Per John […]

A Different Approach to Performance Evaluations

Business professionals understand the purpose and value of performance evaluations. Most large businesses offer employees an evaluation once per year. Executives often claim the benefits of conducting evaluations revolve around career development and work achievement recognition. It is a fine method for setting expectations with staff and opening a dialog which may result in increased […]

Fidget Media

I removed the Netflix app after I caught my 6 yr old watching Family Guy. It was replaced with YouTube Kids. And I was excited about it. Lots of educational content. Animals, food, space, culture. All good things. But then I would be asked for this new device, a fidget spinner. “Dad,” he would say, […]

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

How do you know what your customer wants if you don’t take the time to ask them? And I don’t mean a generic online survey that is sent out after each purchase or experience. I am talking about a legitimate program that you use day in and day out to collect feedback from your customers […]

The End of Tech Utopianism?

The fetishization of technology—the assumption that any technological advent is cause for both celebration, and musings on the utopia it will doubtless usher in—often amazes me. We’re grabbing fitness trackers with the zeal of desperate dieters even though evidence shows they don’t work. In discussing the growing disconnect between technology and practical functionality, and the […]

Product Design as Art

I love beautiful product design and I don’t think that I am alone in that. There is something about melding a unique form with great function that can speak to us and elevate objects to the realm of art. Materials, in addition to form, play an important part and there are currently several companies creating […]

VR Is Here to Stay

It’s time for our annual report on VR progress.  It was a hot subject of speculation a few years ago before the massive push began in earnest.  We first blogged about it in 2015 and the big question was: will this be yet another failed push of VR technology that falls flat on its face? […]