Seeking Inspiration as the Year Draws to a Close

man reading a book while sitting on the sofa

As we come to the end of a tough year, and collectively look forward to better times in 2021, I thought I’d share an enlightening book, for you to add to your gift list this Holiday season. It’s just $12.95, and in my humble opinion a great read (think stocking stuffer). For those of you that know me well, I’m not a big reader, and have only recommended two books ever! 

So when a friend gave me “The Four Agreements” last month as part of a house-warming gift, I was intrigued. A practical guide to personal freedom, the book teaches on four lessons that I’ve already found to be invaluable in personal and work life: “Be impeccable with your word”, “Don’t take anything personally”, “Don’t make assumptions”, and “Always do your best”.

With COVID-19, we’ve all lost a little structure (think working from home, and each day being “Blurrday”), and this book is a great way to bring some semblance of order, and some good habits to bear going into the new year.

I highly recommend the book, and look forward to hearing your thoughts and perspectives, if you do read it. It’s good stuff!

And have a Safe and Happy Holidays!

David Sly, President & Founder