White-glove service is in the details

In preparation for a recent flight, I downloaded all four episodes of Netflix’s Working: What We Do All Day, figuring I’d maybe watch part of one – in addition to listening to a few podcasts, answering some emails, and hopefully taking a short nap. Instead, I tore through the whole series, fascinated by the detailed depictions of the challenges home healthcare providers face, and intrigued by components of an Uber Eats delivery that hadn’t even crossed my mind before.

While I highly recommend the whole series to anyone, I keep thinking about a scene featuring Elba, a housekeeper at the Pierre Hotel on Central Park in New York. She says, “I like making other people comfortable,” and provides a specific example. “If a guest has an insulin pen, I’ll leave them extra water, because I know that diabetics need extra water.” Elba goes on to explain, “the details are really important, and I’m a details person.”

I loved this story so much. It’s so poignant that it almost seems simple, but it’s anything but. Elba anticipated a need the diabetic guest didn’t even express. She was looking for the details; she noticed that insulin pen AND took the next step to act on that knowledge and provide the extra water, which was surely a relief to that guest. And I’m certain that’s only one of many examples of this kind of white-glove service Elba provides.

Seeing that episode has reinvigorated my own spirit to provide white-glove service; to notice the details, to actually note them – mark them down so I remember them later – and then to take the next step to take detailed action.

Have you watched Working? Did any particular parts stand out to you? Have you received really exceptional service recently, where someone anticipated a need you hadn’t even articulated? I’d love to hear about it!

Mylène Kerschner  – Senior Research and Consulting Manager

[Blog photo from Tudum]