Lessons Learned

Illustration of a man walking into a beam of light overlaid with an image of the cosmos

While we all look forward to 2020 being in our rearview mirror, it really never will be.  And it shouldn’t.  We need to take the lessons from it.  Don’t forget to continue staying connected with people. Continue trying to learn that second language. Remind yourself the value of the work you do and the how you do it.

2020 taught me the value of patience, presence, progress, and persistence. I hope I don’t forget those principles when the masks come off again, and we pretend things are back to “normal.”  I don’t want what used to be.  I want to live in the accelerated culture that is upon us.  Keep bringing on the future, the place we should all aspire to live. The past is for reminiscing, not for living. 

Make your future. 

– James Rice, Digital Experience