The Amazement Continues

Concept of small unicorn coming out from egg.

As the number of unicorn companies continues to expand, I wonder what the next Uber or Snowflake might be.  Something that is already here, we just don’t quite get the impact it will have a decade later. To that end, I share some fun finds.

  • For those of you that think meals-to-your-door like Gobble or Hello Fresh are a little too convenient, Nebullam is bringing subscription boxes for lettuce. One of the more interesting companies, as they are innovating indoor farming with radical cost and resource reductions. This business model will change everything.
  • Put down that amateur Oculus VR rig and get into the major league of virtual reality, full-body experiences with Sandbox. This is just the beginning.
  • If you aren’t into a virtual reality experience for your second self, you can now send another literal human in your place. Seriously. With secondbody, let someone else be you.
  • But let’s say you like who you are, but the people on Zoom are getting to you. Well, there are a few projects, like CETI and Earth Species that are working hard to make communications between humans and animals a reality.
  • And if you like the idea of interplanetary space exploration, a leap beyond SpaceX is Foundation, with a vision to develop space infrastructure with self-replicating robots.

Enjoy these early glimpses into the seeds of progress. The future is faster than you think.

– James Rice, Digital Experience