What Would be an Alternate Career You’d Pursue? Mine May Surprise You

While out at dinner with friends last week (outdoor dinning of course!), I was asked a very random question…

“If you weren’t in the Marketing and Research field, what job would you do?” Without hesitation, I replied “florist”.

For those of you that know me, you’ll know I love taking care of people; and nothing gives me greater pleasure than creating flower arrangements and bouquets. Watching the joy those flowers bring to people’s day – from leaving the flower shop and passing someone on the way home, to handing over a vase full of colorful, fragrant flowers to someone you love can be exhilarating. It also provides a creative outlet when spending hours a day in front of a laptop. A total release.

So if you didn’t do what you do for a living, what job would you like to do? Something similar to what you do today? Or something very, very different?

Would love to hear your ideas for alternate jobs or careers. Drop me a line if you want to share, at davids@idebamarketing.com

– David Sly, President