Uganda 2020: Barb Gordon

The favorite thing about Uganda for me is the resilience of the people.  Over and over I am amazed at the laundry list of things that they contend with daily, but we are met with genuine enthusiasm when talking about new ideas and opportunities. 

Then they run with this newfound information and take it to places we couldn’t imagine.  They make it their own and that is the best.

What surprises me the most about Uganda is how it all seems to work out.  Uganda can seem like a chaotic place at times, yet things get done.  There is a way and they have the road map, along with an amazing amount of perseverance.  After 10 years I shouldn’t be surprised! What I am looking forward to most in the 2020 trip are the quiet moments when we are working together.  For me it is not the big things but the all the small things that happen and sometimes get forgotten.  Once you are home and life gets busy again, a memory will flood back, and you think ‘Yes, that really happened’. 

– Barb Gordon