In 2017 and 2018, the Ideba team and friends made three visits to Beaumont, TX – to help rebuild the Anderson family home after Hurricane Harvey. We chose to work with the Anderson’s for two reasons: they were living with their in-laws (never easy 😊); and as they are known in their community as the first to step up and help others. In addition to helping with the rebuild, we were able to buy their three children new bikes after they were left in poor condition by flood waters.

Building on one of our company maxims “relationships matter”, we have made a concerted effort to stay in touch with Liz and Jess Anderson, following and encouraging their progress to the point where they have now fully rebuilt, and were able to take time away to visit with the Ideba team for our QBR in Portland last week.

True to form, they now want to step up and help others – joining our Uganda2020 trip to Mpondwe Secondary School in Bwera, where we will be building dorms for 120 students. A hard-working, engaging, fun couple; Liz and Jess will bring an additional dimension to Team Elephant, led by James Rice. And in addition, they are fund-raising to buy bikes for teachers at the school, bringing the story full circle.

On a personal level, this is incredibly fulfilling, as I started Ideba to make a positive difference in the world. And this chapter of our story could not be better timed as we are about to celebrate ten years in business.

A HUGE thank you from the heart to the Ideba team, and to Liz and Jess for your efforts in making the world a better place.

You guys are awesome!

David Sly, President