So similar, and yet so different

Through multiple team dinners at Quarterly Business Reviews, we’ve established that one of the things the Ideba team has in common is a love of travel. It’s something that we all enjoy; and the company has a benefits package centered around our passion for travel – including two free flights anywhere in the world every five years, and covering ground transportation costs during employees vacations. Dinners conversations have often centered around favorite places to visit, or shared experiences, if we have been to the same places.

When it comes to tastes in music, I don’t think we could have a wider cross-section of genres and favorite songs ever. So here it is!

Jenna Whelan                           New York State of Mind, by Billy Joel

Aaron Baldwin                           Dancing in the minefields, by Andrew Peterson

James Rice                                Boyfriend, by Justin Bieber

Leonce  Gaiter                           Piano, Violin & Cello, by the Charles Ives Trio

Lee Sumner                              The Way, by Fastball

David Sly                                  Sky Full of Stars, by Coldplay

Mark Salow                               Ode to Joy, by Ludwig van Beethoven

Perri Read                                 The Chain, by Fleetwood Mac

Dan Rosen                                A Day in the Life, by The Beatles

Jocelyn Van der Geest               Banana Pancakes, by Jack Johnson

Looking forward to hearing how the team reacts to this list… Admittedly, I had not heard some of the tracks before they were sent my way.

So what’s your favorite song on your playlist? Drop me a line at and let me know. Would love to hear from you!

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