Passing the Baton of Global Education Ambassador

2018 was a fantastic year as the Ideba Global Education Ambassador. It started at an Elementary School in Hillsboro, Oregon, where our team attended the school assembly. When the assembly finished, we went from classroom to classroom passing out tons of school supplies, all of which we had donated. The teachers were over the moon with gratitude, appreciating the encouragement and benefits the school supplies brought to their classroom.

About a month later, we attended another school assembly where we brought in one of the greatest female climbers ever from National Geographic and she spoke to the students about her accomplishments and how she got there. Hilaree Nelson is the first woman to have climbed both Everest and its neighbor, Lhotse, in a single 24-hour period. The motto at this school is “work hard and anything is possible”, which really made Hilaree’s story that much more relevant for the students. The students had just finished a project on different mountains, and they were able to share some of what they learned with Hilaree. It was a fantastic educational experience. Watch this video on Hilaree’s story here.

We then hosted a spelling bee and live auction at the Elementary School. We had food and drink items for purchase, and all proceeds from the event (including the live auction) went to new Chrome books for the school. We raised a total of $17,000!

In May, our team (based across the US and in BC, Canada) traveled to Tampa, Florida where we spent a day working on the farm of The Foundation for Sustainable Families. The goal of the Foundation is to provide education and support to families, children and the community through a sustainable farm and access to resources such as therapy and counseling, mental health support, family management, foster care and adoption and so much more. Check out this blog to read more about our work on the farm. We also purchased picnic tables, outdoor fans/misters, roofing materials for a pavilion, a water line for plumbing, outdoor wash station, potting and landscaping materials, and a brand-new honey hive. We’ve really enjoyed helping The Foundation for Sustainable Families enhance their ability to host field trips and educate students and families on how to be sustainable.

Want to hear more about some of the work that we did in 2018? Send me a note at As 2018 came to an end, it was time to pass the baton of Global Education Ambassador to my colleague, Dan Rosen. Can’t wait to see what Dan does this year (especially on his trip to Uganda, Africa)! Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn for updates.


-Jenna Whelan, VP of Consulting and Research Services