Uganda 2020: Mark Salow

Top three things I’m looking forward to most from the 2020 trip:

  1. Experiencing what it’s like right at the equator. I’ve never been to it, the school is just north of it, but the nature park we’re visiting is right on it. So, I’m very curious what the environment feels like at the end of July at that part of the earth.
  2. Seeing so many exotic animals I’ve only seen in zoos, like elephants and gazelles. So, going to where the Lion King takes place in real life will be something special.
  3. Meeting people that, although they speak English, also speak another language and have different cultural takes on things.  I experienced this around Europe but I’m expecting their world view to be even more diverse.  Hopefully, they will laugh at my jokes.

– Mark Salow, Senior Consultant