Uganda 2020: Dan Rosen

Worth getting up early for: Sunrise at Simba safari Lodge.

Top tip: Don’t forget wet wipes, bottled water and sunscreen.

Keep an eye out for: Troops of Baboons walking down the road alongside motorbikes carrying 3 to 4 people and a goat.

Worth getting stopped in traffic for: A parade of elephants crossing the road.

Favorite Uganda soda: Stoney, a spicy ginger ale.

Go to Ugandan beer: Nile, obviously.

Don’t forget: Take your Malaria tablet every day, which are best to take in the morning.

If you love flying: Prepare yourself for spectacular views of Lake Victoria from a 9 seater Cessna Caravan prop plan from Entebbe.

Make sure to: Pack lightly and efficiently. Look forward to: A dip in the pool at Simba safari Lodge after a rewarding hard day’s work.

– Dan Rosen, Art Director