Selling Value vs. Cost

In B2B, everyone wants to sell based on “value” versus cost, as it ultimately means you can command a premium for your goods and services.

But what does “value” mean to the customer?

Here are some examples from recent research studies, that can work across industry:

  • Ease of engagement and customer service
  • Happy, motivated staff that are easier to retain
  • Peace of mind as I know I can trust them to deliver – dependable and reliable
  • Enabling our success
  • Efficiency and productivity gains
  • Strong communicators
  • Service-oriented
  • Looking out for our best interests at all times
  • True partner, with shared, mutual success in mind

These qualities or traits are second nature for some… but not everyone. So how do you deliver more value, in order to command a premium?

One of the strategies we’ve experienced first-hand is for companies to invest in training… That trend is at the heart of Ideba developing a “white-glove training” service, customized by client, based on the unique needs of their customers. In order to deliver maximum value to clients, we’ve developed a structured approach to bring client service principles to your business:

  1. Observation – first-hand experience observing employees in the workplace, and how they engage with customers. Key step in evaluating the service experience from the customer perspective
  2. Development – designing bespoke training that delivers on end-customer needs, to elevate the service experience, in a sustainable, ongoing manner
  3. Delivery – in-person training, using interactive techniques to engage customer-facing employees in a manner that helps training to stick
  4. Monitor and measure – ongoing effort to evaluate impact of training via in-person observation, and semi-annual refreshers – to ensure that established standards are being met and/or exceeded

Using this methodology, we’ve already been able to help multiple clients raise their game, and deliver increased value to their customers. Outcomes include enhanced service delivery to high-value customers, contract renewals for service engagements, a shift to more of a “partnership” dynamic, and attaining the ultimate goal of trusted advisor status.

So if your firm is looking for new ways to raise the level of service you deliver to your customers, and add more value to customer relationships, please drop me a line at I’d welcome the opportunity to learn more about your needs.


David Sly, President