Happy New Year’s, folks. If you’ve observed what I have over the past year, it’s definitely time to rebrand the socio-political factions of the United States.  Both Liberalism and Conservatism as labels need to be cast aside.  They are now rendered meaningless in today’s political climate.

For example, Conservative principles include sanctity and reducing the national debt.  Obviously, the Conservatives are no longer concerned about Christian values with their selection of a person with a proven lack of sanctity being placed into the highest office of the land.  Additionally, per research on their views of the national debt and the economy, Conservatives have registered these statistics: 85% are concerned about the federal budget deficit and increasing national debt, with 52% saying the deficit and debt are hurting current economic growth and job creation.  With the recent tax plan, Conservatives are abandoning their beliefs once again.

So, Conservatism by its definition as expressed in stated values is now dead. There is no one in power acting like a Conservative.  Hence the suggestion is valid to abandon the term and find a new one that’s rooted in what their new belief system actually contains.

Which brings me to Liberalism.  They too are not living up to their maxims and haven’t for quite a while.  A couple of examples of key tenets of Liberalism include:

  • One tenet states that society should put less restrictions on the accumulation of private property and instead encourage it
  • Another tenet states that the government should get its power from the people of whom it governs. It also states that the power should rest in the hands of the people and not an elite type figure
  • And yet another is that the government represents the people’s interests which implies a representative government, the rule of law, and a constitutional government

Liberals as seen in U.S. political activity have acted contrarily to the first tenet above.  Regulation has been a hallmark of Liberal actions for decades whereas they should technically be against it.

With regards to the second tenet, one cannot see any Liberals mounting serious action against what is clearly not a government of the people and is definitely one of an “elite type figure.”  So, where is the vociferous grassroots movement by the Liberals to abolish the Electoral College?  It clearly represents a mechanism which works against the second tenet that the people should have the power to select who governs the U.S.

Finally, the last tenet – that of following the constitution and rule of law – is clearly being challenged by the administration in power.  The Liberals, however, have taken on a defeatist view that the Congress is setting the stage to defy what is being learned (even admitted via guilty pleas), regarding criminal and treasonous acts and imply there is nothing they can do about it…that they are powerless.  Hmm, not exactly sticking to their principles, are they?

So, welcome to 2018.  The year which should see an end to the terms Conservative and Liberal in U.S. political discussions.  They are both labels proven worthless in today’s political discourse and both deserve to die a very quick death and get replaced by new terms that actually reflect what is really happening in this country.

Feel free to send us your suggestions on what the new replacement socio-political labels actually should be.  We’d like to hear your thoughts.

Mark Salow, Marketing Consultant