In Acknowledgement and Appreciation of Environmentally Conscious Companies

Record-breaking wildfires on the west coast are the last thing people want right now with COVID-19 shaking our economy and general way of life. However, scientists warn natural disasters like these are not only on the rise but occurring with exponential frequency and damage.

In this light, I have pulled together a few of my favorite companies, each deserving a shout-out for their conscious efforts to balance profitability with nature’s sustainability.

Patagonia – not only do they pride themselves on product quality (backed by an Ironclad Guarantee), Patagonia gives 1% of all sales to environmental organizations globally

Dr. Bronner’s – another high-quality product that packs feel-good vibes for its users. A comprehensive list of their accomplishments in the sustainability and ethical product space can be found here. I also love that their product labels ask you to dilute, buy in bulk, and re-use bottles instead of buying new ones

Hydro Flask – I give this company major kudos for making reusable drinking containers fashionable and trendy, curbing excessive use of plastic water bottles that pollute

Ben & Jerry’s – how can you not love an ice cream company that outwardly cares about Fairtrade and climate justice? Here are some of the other issues they care about. Complete with initiatives

Which companies do you think should be added to this list? Please leave a LinkedIn comment about how they are taking care of our planet so we can acknowledge and appreciate them as well.

– Lee Sumner, Research Director