Work/Life Balance

I decided to share some personal thoughts in this Blog post. We all have different perspectives when it comes to work/life balance… some focus on “time”. Others focus on specific hobbies and interests. Some are extremely deliberate about blocking out calendars to walk, meditate, practice yoga, volunteer, etc… All honorable, and important.

As a husband, father, business owner, employer, colleague, friend, and planner, I created a list of three focus areas (the three “F’s”) around the time I started Ideba, which I think about when out for long walks – and which I revisit as life happens. Fave walks BTW are always on a beach! 😊


A dive into my spiritual side… am I doing right by others? Am I making good decisions for the better good? Am I prioritizing and showing up and showing appreciation for those I care about most? And when up against it… what can I do for someone in need right now? (One thing I’ve learned since starting Ideba in 2010, is when the going gets tough, a great way to turn things around is to focus on those less fortunate than me… and to do something positive for others, as a reminder that things are better than you think.)


Am I staying connected and engaged? Are there ways in which I can be a better role model? How can I create quality time and memories with those nearest and dearest? Key here is trying to be very deliberate, and to make the effort, proactively.


Am I effectively managing finances for myself, my family, and for the business? As any owner will tell you, it takes a lot of work to manage a business, and financials are a key component – cashflow, growth, giving back, looking after the team, etc. – and I must do that first, before looking at personal finances. Key here is planning, adding checks and balances, and trying to predict the unpredictable as best possible. Not my fave “F” for the record!

The great news is that once these “three F’s” are aligned, it ultimately leads to a couple more – focus and fulfillment.

Would love to hear from anyone pursuing similar thought processes, or approaches, as a means of balancing work and life, while learning and getting better. Please drop me a note at davids@idebamarketing.com

David Sly – President