With the rise of esports, which is on track to be the second most watched professional sports league (behind the NFL), a new service, Juked, gives you a comprehensive listing of live and upcoming esports events.  And if you thought that Fortnite was just for kids, there is a new service that connects venture capitalists to startup founders inside the game. To battle out your frustrations outside the boardroom?  This mixing of worlds is just getting started. Google’s recent redesign makes it hard to tell the difference between organic search results and paid advertising. You can get a Chrome web extension to make your search results look like the good old days.  Or just use DuckDuckGo and make privacy your new normal. If Fortnite isn’t your bag, simple arcade play is easy with GameSnacks.

Or you can just get away from your screen and buy some great art prints from VSUAL. If you don’t know yourself, take this new personality test with Persona. After you do that, pre-order Sun Chaser – a non-alcoholic drink that promises a buzz. For high-functioning fun? Really? The quest to not be realistic with our capacity to handle ourselves in life is at the ready. I doubt this stuff helps after reviewing the twitter sentiment index of our presidential candidates. And if all that makes you want to get on the next plane to nowhere, figure out food ratings of airlines (seriously?) at Flight Food.  Yes, there are one star things that deserve five to someone out there.

James Rice, Digital Experience Lead