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face getting scanned by red laser

Biometrics: The Party Pooper of Passport Stamps

One of the fun parts of international travel was collecting passport stamps, a tangible memento from each country visited. You'd flash open your passport and flip through the stamps, each a memory from a country explored. Today, this tradition…
model of brain sitting on cpu

The AI threat is news again

AI is having another moment. Every few years it grabs the attention and dominates the headlines. Most major newspapers have a weekly take on it. More than ever, companies tout the most rudimentary machine learning as AI to veil themselves in…
mental health awareness

Increased Importance and Awareness of Mental Health

The COVID-19 pandemic brought a lot of focus on people’s physical health. However, with new data and research coming out we are learning about the collective toll COVID-19 had on people’s mental health as well. In a poll conducted by the…
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Why Aren’t You Doing More Research?

Primary research is defined as research in which investigators collect data directly, instead of relying on data from previous research. Ideba does a significant amount of primary research for clients, but I always wonder why more clients…
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The Beauty of Data Over Time

In a sea of data, it can get quite confusing at times sorting through it all.  Especially when in search of the truth where conflicting reports and data sets come into view.  Fortunately, over time the beauty of aggregated data can shine…