Considering the increasing importance of culture in the workplace, picking “Growth” as the one word that describes Ideba was a fairly easy choice.

  • Growth from a professional perspective – growing as a team and as a company; as we take on new challenging work on a daily basis, on behalf our clients
  • Growth from a personal perspective – learning new skills and applying those skills in real-time for the benefit of others
  • And growth from a spiritual perspective – via our efforts to give back to others less fortunate than ourselves

Unlike most “for profit” businesses, we measure growth by the impact we make on those around us – versus revenue and profit. Have we helped a client get promoted, or get a new job? How have we contributed in the community – be it in schools, or supporting a family impacted by a natural disaster like Hurricane Sandy? And have we helped others around the world grow, such as the school we support in Uganda? I’m proud of the fact that we have helped bring stability to Mpondwe school in Bwera, with fencing (security) and water (well), not to mention numerous capital improvement projects, where we have worked with villagers and students, helping each of them to grow in the process. It’s been great to see #aaronbaldwin #jamesrice and #danrosen in recent years work directly with students to help them learn and grow.

As so many businesses seek to enhance their culture, I’d encourage you to think about what growth really means to you and your team, and how you are helping people inside and outside of your organization grow.

David Sly, President