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A More Normal Social Life

Like many (probably most) other people, COVID-19 drastically changed my social interactions in 2020 and continues to impact them in 2021. I stopped going to the gym, recreational soccer was cancelled, stopped going to church and restaurants, and stayed away from nearly all friends and family. As an outgoing and sociable person, these changes took […]

The Importance of Real (Not Virtual) Connection

Like a lot of people, I’ve been working from home during the pandemic. Since I worked remotely for Ideba before (and will continue to work from home once the world completely opens up), I count myself lucky that the switch to virtual meetings and interactions was a seamless one. That is not to say that […]

Increased Importance and Awareness of Mental Health

The COVID-19 pandemic brought a lot of focus on people’s physical health. However, with new data and research coming out we are learning about the collective toll COVID-19 had on people’s mental health as well. In a poll conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation (KKF) in the spring of 2020, 45% of adults in the […]

Push to Innovate

Expanding on the ongoing Ideba blog theme: what are you most excited to see in 2021? I have to say I look forward to outcomes and experiences related to technological industries and use of that technology being put into overdrive. We just saw two major leaps in space exploration take place when Amazon and Virgin […]

COVID has changed us, but how?

Hopefully, safe, effective vaccines will help us put the worst of COVID-19 in the rearview mirror. However, it has changed us, and I will be curious to see which of those changes prove to be long-lasting and most impactful. Working from home has been a sea-change for many, though here at Ideba, we have always […]

People, Process, Technology

Now that we are seeing commercial releases of GPT-3 artificial intelligence, this year has been phenomenal in watching new tools for marketers evolve. As they get smarter, expand the datasets, and improve the user experience, this year should end with mainstream usability of AI for the masses. Tools like Jarvis.ai and hyperwrite.ai are leaps ahead […]

Evolving with the Times, and Breaking the Status Quo

It’s hard to believe the year is half way over, but here we are. The first half of 2021 has been a whirlwind to say the least. Thankfully we have managed to stay busy, bringing in new clients and evolving with existing ones. I attribute that to the hard work and dedication of our president, […]

A Changing Family Dynamic – wise words from two great bosses

The best piece of business advice I ever received was from @Andersbrown, a former Microsoft employee, and one of the founders at a former employer, Akona Systems. A super smart, highly engaging guy, from whom I learned a tremendous amount. His advice was simple: “Running your own business will always be a blend of excitement […]

Promoting Customer Success with Videos

Ideba’s creative team loves to help our clients share their offerings in creative and engaging ways. Instead of telling potential customers how you can help them, let your past customers share what they gained by using your products or services.  A great way to do this is with video. We help you accomplish this with […]