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Some Current Recommendations for Passing the Time

As COVID-19 and the fires and smoke on the west coast continue to impact us, the Ideba team has put together some great ways they are spending their spare time. Whether you enjoy listening to podcasts or sitting down with a good book. We’ve created a list based on our team member’s recommendations, hopefully you […]

What Do You Budget Time for?

As more people have adjusted to working from home this year, more and more of us are analyzing our personal work-related habits in the pursuit of increased productivity and improved performance. Everyone has a different working style and performs best under specific circumstances. Finding out what your style is and what environment creates the best […]

What Would be an Alternate Career You’d Pursue? Mine May Surprise You

While out at dinner with friends last week (outdoor dinning of course!), I was asked a very random question… “If you weren’t in the Marketing and Research field, what job would you do?” Without hesitation, I replied “florist”. For those of you that know me, you’ll know I love taking care of people; and nothing […]

Credit Card Benefits Changing Amid Pandemic

The year of 2020 has obviously been a strange one. It’s so easy to focus on the negatives and things we haven’t been able to do, but if we all dig deep enough, surely there is some positivity we can share. Maybe you have made a personal change in your life that you are proud […]

Songs of Loss and Longing

The pandemic has me going through the old record and CD collections and I found myself looking for songs of loss and longing that dug really deep. I wound up revisiting songs that seemed delightful trifles in their original versions but were transformed to downright profundity by some extraordinary interpreters. Take the Carole King/Gerry Goffin-penned […]

Ready Synthetic Go.

The world’s house arrest surfaced new habits and accelerated synthetic products – big empires today. Think the star-studded MasterClass, or the elite expertise of Farnham Street. This is a far cry from when I made $380 dollars selling some made-with-care digital log cabins in SecondLife back when spinning logos were still the rage. I quickly […]

Are Questions More Important than Answers?

Through my school years as a shy kid, I grew up never wanting to raise my hand in class, fearing I would look stupid, show weakness, and interrupt the teacher for no reason. Even through university, where discussion is encouraged, no one ever questioned why we did certain assignments and why it was important. Or […]

Ultimate Training Film: The Walking Dead

The anti-maskers are scary people.  I have friends and relatives in the medical field and one thing is true: it’s completely wrong to believe that masks don’t matter. The fact that there’s a 75% reduction of transmitting or absorbing microbes by wearing one says it all. Contrary to inaccurate, delusional rhetoric, they do make a […]