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Are Questions More Important than Answers?

Through my school years as a shy kid, I grew up never wanting to raise my hand in class, fearing I would look stupid, show weakness, and interrupt the teacher for no reason. Even through university, where discussion is encouraged, no one ever questioned why we did certain assignments and why it was important. Or […]

Ultimate Training Film: The Walking Dead

The anti-maskers are scary people.  I have friends and relatives in the medical field and one thing is true: it’s completely wrong to believe that masks don’t matter. The fact that there’s a 75% reduction of transmitting or absorbing microbes by wearing one says it all. Contrary to inaccurate, delusional rhetoric, they do make a […]

The Sound of Music – let’s keep it alive

For the last week, I’ve been staying with a friend who grew up playing the piano in school. Childhood memories of that experience inspired her to want to learn to play again as an older adult. In the past 10-15 years, I’ve noticed more music programs get cut from elementary and middle schools in particular, […]

Am I Supposed to be Using TikTok?

TikTok is a strange app. For those of you who are unfamiliar, at it’s core TikTok is a social media platform where users share a variety of videos. I started hearing about TikTok a year or two ago when videos originally shared on the app began circulating the websites I frequented. These videos largely fell […]

Scheduling for Remote Working Success

The workplace looks a bit different today for those who were used to going into an office just a few months ago. I feel proud that the Covid crisis has not impacted the location of where I work, since at Ideba we are all (and have always been) remote workers. The benefit of having been […]

Let’s Face it. Zoom is Weird.

The sudden ubiquity of Zoom made me question my sanity.  When I’m on the phone listening to you, I concentrate on your voice and what you are saying. Similarly, as a speaker, I know I have my only my voice with which to communicate. I know the limitations of what I can and cannot convey […]

Even Faker News in Times of Protest

The level of fake news has risen to greater heights recently.  Pouring gasoline on the protest fires, the alt-right just faked up a bunch of left-wing propaganda pretending to be Antifa and got caught…but still influenced people in the process! It’s getting ridiculous and I wonder how the youth of America are handling the fact […]

Spotify On the Offensive Makes Joe Rogan “Weirdly Richer”

Top music streaming platform, Spotify, has continually made headlines over the past few weeks as they take a bold step forward into the realm of podcasts. Spotify is one of four major names playing to become the most popular and profitable music streaming platform on the market, alongside Apple Music, Google Play, and Pandora (owned […]