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Spotify On the Offensive Makes Joe Rogan “Weirdly Richer”

Top music streaming platform, Spotify, has continually made headlines over the past few weeks as they take a bold step forward into the realm of podcasts. Spotify is one of four major names playing to become the most popular and profitable music streaming platform on the market, alongside Apple Music, Google Play, and Pandora (owned […]

Need for Nostalgia

While the future still seems uncertain in some cases, it is enjoyable to look back on the past and re-connect to some things that we know and love. This can be done in many different ways. Some people are reconnecting virtually with old friends, going through old boxes while redecorating, listening to music you once […]

Planning like “Normal”

There are a lot of “normal life” things missing from our new, socially distant, reality. Like many introverts, I don’t miss everything about the pre-COVID era (like crowded grocery stores and social gatherings I felt obligated to go to), but I do miss things like visiting friends and family, traveling, and camping trips. I’m very […]

Fun Things to do During Covid-19

Interesting to learn this weekend, about the return of the drive-through theater – the perfect solution for going to the movies in the age of social-distancing. But if you don’t live close to one of the 300+ drive-through movie theaters across North America, here are some other ideas, all of which come from friends, family, […]

Vacation Dreaming

As we all dream about the day we can go back to our somewhat “normal” lives, and get back on the road, I’m sure I’m not the only one thinking about my next vacation destination. The hospitality industry, among others, has taken a beating throughout this pandemic. When the time is right, we can all […]


In November 2018, I woke up to a normal Thursday. When I went to bed that night, the town of 20,000 in which I lived had been almost wiped off the map, swept away as if a willful giant had stomped through bent on nothing short of total devastation. A fire had burned the town […]

Never a Better Time to Learn

Simon Sinek’s latest book, The Infinite Game, focuses on embracing the infinite mindset, where learning is lifelong, and how possibilities become opportunities when acted on. In 2002, MIT disrupted the world of lifelong learning by creating OpenCourseWare, opening up their classes to anyone for free. The curriculum has expanded over the years, reaching over 2,500 […]

Local Focus vs. The Big Board

During this COVID-19 crisis, I’ve found that a person gets much more meaningful information through localized sources. The national TV news has their “big board” approach showing countries, then state counts of cases and deaths related to coronavirus.  But I was left wondering what about right here?!? Naturally a fan of research, I skulked around […]

Good News

It’s really easy to run into the wind right now and read all of the stressful news out there. Instead I thought it would be nice to create a list of my favorite things I found through my recent internet scrolling to spread a little bit of positivity. Here is a list of my top […]