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Savoring August

I am not one of those people who eagerly anticipates fall. Summer is my season. I am my happiest self between June and September. When I lived in the Caribbean, coworkers and friends who had moved to St. Thomas from somewhere with seasons would wax nostalgic about autumn: the smell of the crisp air, the […]

Three Things Guaranteed to Make You Smile

One month and two days ago, I left the USA for a two-month, summer long trip across Europe. When I left on June 24th, the only plans I had were my one way ticket to Scotland and to meet up with my family in Greece on July 18th. During those three weeks in between, I […]

Writing from Scratch

I was an extremely anxious writer growing up for two reasons: my thoughts would race through my mind too fast for me to translate into complete sentences, and I never felt as if my work was truly done. I grew up learning and speaking two languages. As a kid, I would speak English at home […]

The High School Experience in Hindsight

The good ol’ American high school experience doesn’t solely constitute cheerleaders and school formals and Friday night lights (granted, the latter took up an unimaginable amount of time), rather, it is a time to better cultivate one’s interests. For me, much of my time and focus revolved around sports, which taught me invaluable lessons. Football […]

Can Advertising Make Everything Free?

I may be late hearing about this organization called FreeWater (“The World’s First Free Beverage Company”), but upon learning of them I was dropped into an existential black hole where, for a moment, everything I had once thought about consumerism flew out the window. FreeWater calls themselves a revolutionary marketing channel utilizing premium spring water […]

Summer is Here… Start Your Day with a Smile

Today marks the official start to summer. I am lucky enough to live in a small beach town in New Jersey (as non-locals call it “The Jersey Shore”). As the sun starts to rise earlier and earlier, I find it much easier to wake up and get my day started. Most days in the summer […]

Know What Your Customers Expect from Your Solutions — and Your Company

Judging from the customer satisfaction score (CSAT) and voice of the customer (VOC) research Ideba regularly conducts, customer expectations seem to be funneling into two main categories. The categories define what customers expect from the product(s) and what they expect from the companies that provide them. The first category I call “set it and forget […]

Returning to In-Person Conferences

I had the chance to visit the RSA Security Conference yesterday at the Moscone center in San Francisco. Yes, it has been a while. But everyone there was returning with enthusiasm. The booth designs were brimming with energy and ideas. The hosts and attendees were fired up to be there–with the surprise and delight of […]

Lack of an Agenda

As we continue to operate in a mostly virtual work environment, Zoom calls are still alive and well. As a matter of fact, I’d argue that we have far too many Zoom calls. If everyone was back in physical offices, there wouldn’t possibly be as many face-to-face meetings. My biggest pet peeves with Zoom calls, […]

Do You Believe?

OK, that’s a question we often think of during the Holiday season, and many of us think back to early childhood years, when Santa was very real. In the last few weeks, I’ve reflected the importance of “belief” for a whole different reason, that I’ll come back to in a moment… We all go to […]