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Want to Increase Sales?

Over the last 12 years, we’ve conducted a LOT of qualitative research interviews on behalf of clients, globally. And it has become increasingly apparent that some companies are much better in driving sales due to ONE factor… how relevant they are to their customers? How well do they know their customer’s business? How well do […]

Did You Make a New Year’s Resolution?

So here we are, early in the third week of 2022. How’s everyone doing on their resolutions? After the tumultuous end to 2022 – the rise of Omicron, changes to travel plans, cancelled or postponed family gatherings – did you even make resolutions this year? Maybe you considered some commitments, or decided to make a […]

A Quick Lesson in Neuroscience

As I sit here wracking my brain for something fun and creative to write about for this blog post, I finally decide that today is a good day for a short lesson in neuroscience! I won’t bore you with the nitty gritty of all the specifics but will give a general everyday overview. According to […]

How Airlines Can Retain Employees and Avoid Burnout

One of the biggest surprises for me working in a post-pandemic economy is how many employees quit their job. Factoring the influx of workers forced to call out sick due to an ebb and flow of COVID cases, employee retention is more important than ever. I experienced the labor shortage firsthand flying from Portland (PDX) […]

Living in Interesting Times

I started researching “things to look forward to in 2022,” and among them were “Broadway back in business…” at which point I realized that these were written pre-Omicron. Another site previewed the exciting developments to look out for at CES 2022. Then I saw the headlines, “CES 2022 starts to fall apart as T-Mobile, Amazon, […]

Using Research to Set Goals for 2022

As the new year approaches, we are all likely reflecting on the past two years and beginning to set goals for 2022. Personal goals, professional goals, and business goals for the year ahead. Personal goals and professional goals come from within. Truly looking deeply at yourself and identifying tangible goals that are attainable. Business goals, […]

Where have all the big ideas gone in advertising?

The shape of advertising has changed significantly in the last two decades, with the advent of digital (and associated tech advances), a desire by large corporations to in-source advertising and all things creative, to save money – and the shift by many clients away from larger, global ad networks like Ogilvy, Grey, Y&R, JWT and […]

Favorite Things of 2021

Last week I took time to reflect on the many things I’m thankful for this year: my family and friends, our health, science and vaccinations that made gathering together this year possible again, a new job that’s providing me with opportunities to continue to develop and grow professionally. But for some reason, over the weekend […]

Bethlehem – The Christmas City

With the kickoff of the winter holiday season, I am drawn to tell you a story about the town I grew up in – Bethlehem, PA, also known as Christmas City USA. On December 24, 1741, the Moravians, who had settled between the Leigh River and Monocacy Creek in Pennsylvania, were gathered singing Christmas carols. […]

Learning from Industry Experts – Marketing

Having recently participated on a panel for my alma mater (PSU – Go Vikings!) as part of their career services initiative, I wanted to pull together important areas discussed by marketing experts on landing a job out of college. These four pieces of advice had the most resonance and consensus among panel’s experts: Have a […]