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The Love of February

With the rise of esports, which is on track to be the second most watched professional sports league (behind the NFL), a new service, Juked, gives you a comprehensive listing of live and upcoming esports events.  And if you thought that Fortnite was just for kids, there is a new service that connects venture capitalists […]

Trends to Watch This Election Season

During customer research projects at Ideba, we consistently find trends.  The aggregate data we collect from customer interviews gives us first-hand accounts of what they’re thinking enabling us to find accurate inclinations. However, trends in the case of this year’s U.S. presidential election cannot be found so directly. Last election, one needed to pay attention […]

The Other, Smaller Internet

There was a funny meme going around online with a picture of someone on their cellphone, and a question written across it, “do you ever get bored with the internet and then grab your phone to see what the other, smaller internet is up to?”… with the joke being that people often retire from using […]

Celebrating Ideba’s 10th-Anniversary the Best Way Possible

Well, I guess we’re not a start-up anymore! As a business owner, I often get asked “how’s business”. Most would respond with “great” (sometimes even if it’s not…). Others would answer, “great, revenue’s up”, or “great, we’re hiring”. My answer is simple after 10 years. “It’s great, as we’re giving more than ever before to […]

What’s Affecting My Productivity?

As I’ve made the transition from being a full-time student to working full-time, the biggest challenge has been reconciling the times I am most productive with normal business hours. When I was in school, I could set my own schedule for studying, and it was rarely nine to five. Depending on what class I was […]

Generational Differences: Millennial and Gen Z

I tried to write a blog on the new short-form social video app, TikTok, and why it has become so popular with younger generations. Is it just a matter of generational understanding? Or it is social channel improvements via artificial intelligence? Many people who don’t use TikTok, have no idea why it became so popular […]

New Year, Same Loyalty

The beginning of a new year is the best time to determine your hotel and airline of choice. I have many friends that travel a lot, but don’t have one airline or one hotel chain that they frequent. The problem with that is that you will never gain the benefits of being loyal to a […]

A tip to get the most out of your marketing agency

Many corporate clients do not give their marketing agencies the information they need to do their best work, or best serve clients. I’m not talking about the details of the solution or service, or even the strategy behind a particular campaign. I’m talking about the behind-the-scenes, often political considerations that can steer marketing efforts, and […]

Best of the Year

Pantone announced next year’s color – Classic Blue. It represents dependable and stable. If it’s a harbinger of political sentiment, I’m all in. Looking back, my favorite things of the past year were: Zuckerberg is getting closer to prison Influencer media is more scrutinized Amazon still goes to NY – without a tax break, showing […]

Holiday Movies for These Winter Nights

Every year, extra time means extra attention available for movie watching during the holidays. In these days of streaming, a few of the best movies this year can be had online. But if you’re needing to get out to the cineplex with family or friends, and also want to avoid this year’s holiday blockbuster Star […]