An innovative way to promote innovation using PR

I was flying Lufthansa this past weekend – and this article/video caught my eye – showcasing BMW and Lufthansa’s collective effort to promote the BMW iNEXT car.

The video is promoting a press tour for its new concept. The BMW Vision iNEXT boarded a Lufthansa Cargo plane and traveled to four cities (Munich, NY, San Francisco and Beijing) on three continents, in five days; to showcase the new BMW iNEXT with one of the most ambitious press events that’s ever been attempted, given the logistical challenges.

The BMW team out-fitted a Boeing 777F, the most advanced and efficient cargo plane in its class, which aligns well with the BMW iNEXT. At each destination, a team constructed a platform and showcase to present the concept car. The showcase consisted of 4.5 miles of wiring, 78,000 LEDs in 165 video LED modules and ten 13,000 ANSI lumen projectors, used to light up the inside of the Boeing in a display that “appealed to all five senses”. A total of 300 members of the media got to experience the new car, that was the ultimate example of great orchestration.

The Lufthansa Boeing 777F was decorated with an iNEXT livery prior to departing Munich, highlighting the company’s partnership with BMW.

And this video is proof that great videography transcends language and geography. You get the concept, even if you don’t speak German.



If you know of other great companies that are using PR in innovative ways to promote new technologies and product evolutions, please drop me a line @ Would love to hear from you.

– David Sly, President